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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  February 13, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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i cannot actual positively confirm it is h him from the coroner has the final word. tonight at 9:00 the man hunt over but how you did it end? who started the cab bin fire? we are hearing from the hostages for the first time. bold burglars in the east bay. the specific homes they appear to be targeting because they know there are weapons inside. another lawmaker wants to give siri a bink slip when you are behind the wheel.
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also the founder of
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like a war zone. >> our deputies continued to go in to that area and try to neutralize and stop the threat. the rounds kept coming. but the deputies didn't give up. >> good evening. i'm dan ashley. that is the san bernardino sheriff describing the fire fight with christopher dorner. and just one of is several new developments in the investigation into is suspected cop killer dorner.
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a short time ago we heard from the couple that he held hostage. they are talking now for the first time. and it turns out they are married and they he own the inn not two female house keepers as previously reported. they walk into the unit and realized that dorner was inside. >> we had come into the living room and he opened the door and came out at us and he hat his gun drawn. >> when jumped out and hollered stay calm karen turned and screamed and started running and he ran after h her. >> he talked to us trying to calm us down and saying very frequently he would not kill us. and he came in like with a cord and tied it. >> a couple of extensions cords. >> tied it around like. >> put a pillow case over our heads first and then tied the cord through the mouth and around to the back and tied it tight. >> the moment you realized this was christopher dorner what
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went through your mind? >> i thought we were dead. >> five words. i thought we were dead. dorner told them that they were a means to his end. he told them all i wanted was their car. that is exactly what he took. meanwhile, authorities today identified detective jeremiah mckay a 15 year veteran of the san bernardino sheriff's department as the deputy who died yesterday in a shootout with dorner. investigators also confirmed that dornerer is the man thieved to have barry kateed himself inside a cabin after the gun battle with officers. he never emerged after the cabin went up in flames. police are still waiting for dna testing to confirm this is dorner's body. with happened to end the man hunt that is the question? >> reporter: from a barrage of gun fire to a rush of flames. to sharon stone shel that shel. now, nothing left but rubble.
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>> shut down the freeway possibly the subject we have been looking for. >> the run from the law began to unravel here at this cabin near a ski resort. police say dorner broke in and took their car and sped off. they broke free and managed to call the police. dern was, once again, on the run, chased by police. he abandoned the stolen car and up the road dorner carjacked. >> dorner jumped out of the snow at me, gun drawn and a big long rifle. i wasn't going fast so i stopped and put my truck in park and put my hands out. he said i don't want to hurt you. get out and start walking up the road and take your dog. >> dorner rushed out again. a fish and game warden spotted him and engaged in a life or o death shootout. >> he realized he had been recognized and held his piston out the window and shot at the two wardens is. miraculously never hit either of the two who were inside. >> reporter: he did shoot two
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other officers during the run yesterday, one fatally. the former navy reservist holed him isself up in a cabin. police fired tear gas into the cabin in an apparent attempt to force dorner out. then, came the flames. >> we have fire in the front. he might come out the back. one shot fired from inside the residence. >> by night fall the cabin burned to the ground and inside authorities say they discovered a lone charred body. >> that is cecilia vega reporting. there have been a lot of questions as to whether authorities deliberately set the cabin on fire and today the san bernardino county sheriff's offense says in fact the fire was an unintended result from using tear gas to flush dorner out. >> we used a presence when we showed up and used a cold tear gas and then used the next tear gas was that that was pyrotechnic.
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it does generate a lot of heat. we introduced those cansters into the residence and a fire erupted. >> family and friends offered a tearful goodbye today to a southern california officer gunned down by dorner. former marine and riverside police officer michael crane was buried today in a private ceremony after thousands attended a public service injuries his wife talked about how much she would miss her husband, the father of their two small children. >> sunday morning, every sunday morning i made breakfast and our kids would come down and i would have them go wake daddy up, it is time for breckfast. that is what i will miss, things like that. it is just our daily -- that was our bonding time. >> very personal story she told today. funerals for two more of dorner's victims are being planned and for a fourth person a sheriff's deputy who died
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yesterday in a shootout with dorner before he was barricaded inside the cabin. a number of homes in brentwood belonging to police officers have been burglarized and even worst intruders have stolen their firearms. the story from vic lee. >> reporter: since the beginning of the year there have been 25 burglaries in brentwood, almost twice the number during the same time last year. they have stolen jewelry, electronics and most disturbing of all, firearms. >> they have been sporadic throughout the city and the at times have been sporadic as well. >> the sergeant says of the 25 burglaries, three have been in the homes of police officer is. the intruders hit the jackpot in one of those homes. >> there was a safe that was taken. there were a number of firearms again that were stolen in the incident unfortunately. >> police found the safe but it was empty. residents we spoke with say
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brentwood is a safe quiet town but many have notice a spike in home burglaries. peter foster was not surprised that cops are among the victims. >> when i first moved out it was a high percentage of teachers and police officers that live out here in general. it is a nice affordable bedroom community to live in. burg la iser i officers it hous rise up the street. >> it creates a dangerous situation for everybody around the burglars themselves because you can obviously get shot. >> the brentwood police tell us they have promising leads, solid leads that they are chasing. as a matter of fact, at this hour, detectives are meeting here at the police station to review some of that information. information they hope will lead them to some arrests. vic lee, abc 7 news. a teenager was stabbed to death late this afternoon just feet from san jose high school. it happened on east jullian treat after classes ended.
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police are not is sure what led to the stabbing. they do not have any suspects in it custody. you can see a police presence from sky 7 hd,. oakland police looking for a hit-and-run driver that injured a woman and child just after 5:00. sky 7 hd was over the scene where police were investigating. both victims on taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries we are glad to tell you. police is have not released a description of the vehicle or driver involved in the hit-and-run. politics. new jersey governor chris christie is in town tonight holding a meet and greet at mark zuckerberg's house. as political reporter mark matthews explains, this is fueling speculation that christie is preparing for a run for the white house. >> facebook founder and the new jersey governor have been friends for several years. in 2010 on oprah, mark
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zuckerberg donated $100 million to new jersey public schools. zuckerberg who declined to state any political affiliation has hosted a town hall for president obama. tonight is the first time he has held a political fundraiser. griffin is another tech supporter for cristies. in a run for the white house a base of support in the bay area could serve christie well. >> we have seen it in the elections in california they can put up a lot of monitor moderate republican candidates. >> reporter: chris christie will immediate cash. the pictures of him standing with the president after superstorm sandy won't play well with conservative republicans. along with christie one of the most popular is florida senator marco rubio. in in his responseshire his to the state of the union he
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missed an opportunity. >> in the short time i have been here in washington nothing has frustrated me more than false choices like the one the president laid out tonight. >> reporter: no, it was not just the awkward water moment. he spent his minutes in the national spot light rehashing arguments from the romney campaign. >> this was his chance to introduce himself to a national audience and i don't think he did him isself any favors. >> reporter: the appearance tonight is drawing protests from the progressive organization that is unhappy about the head of facebook raiderettesing money for a governor who has cut funding for women's healthcare services including planned parenthood. >> 58% of facebook users are women and we are here to represent the women and send a message to mark zuckerberg we don't think he should be funding the war on women. >> we saw chris christie roll in at n. a big white suv. at 38 h hundred dollars a head we saw condoleezza rice walk in just a few minutes ago. as i said all of the money
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being raised for chris christie's reelection as governor of new jersey. i still can't shake the feeling tonight here in palo alto the 2016 race for the white house is getting underway. still ahead, an exclusive investigation into some of the biggest companies in silicon valley. find out how they are getting away with not paying billions in taxes. i will have that story. plus -- i'm nannette miranda in sacramento. the law has only been in effect for one year. now, a state lawmaker wants to take away a california driver's ability to it use hands free texting while behind the wheel. he says he has new evidence that says that is too dangerous. i'm spencer christian. we have more mild days ahead. a little rain showing up as well. i'll have the accuweather forecast in just a moment. also with a rumble and a roar a glacier collapses. roar a glacier collapses. how rare [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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there is an attack on siri underway way at the state cap. a bill that would ban hands free texting while you drive. may seem odd since it doesn't go after hands free call.
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as nannette miranda ex-be plains sutoff you porters say there is a difference. >> the law says i am allowed to dictate so i dictate. >> thousands of california drivers text hands free while driving. >> hi, lori. i really like this photo you just is sent. >> reporter: it has become a way of life here since hands free texting while driving became legal last me. >> this is the 24th century he. about convenience and efficiency. that is a convenient and efficient way of communicating when i'm in the car. >> reporter: a year into the law a freshman state lawmakers wants to make hands free texting illegal. >> the average time for looking and being distracted a 4.6 seconds and at 55 miles an hour that is almost a football field that you are not paying attention to the drivers around you and to me that is not okay. >> reporter: a new study by virginia tech shows hands free texting is actually just as
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dangerous traditional texting. voice controlled texting required higher mental remand and longer glances away from the road. also numbers from the national highway traffic safety administration. nearly 1,000 deaths and 24 house injuries a year involve major disattackersion. critics wonder if it opens the door to more restrictions. >> ban one hands free thing. the next step is banning hands free talking. >> frazier for now says no. he is just trying to make roads safer after having lost a daugher to a crash unrelated to texting. >> as a father who lost a child in a car accident i don't want anybody to ever have it go through what i did. >> reporter: ron thinks it is more are nanny government. >> i think you can multitask in a car and still be a safe drive. the bill should get its first hearing this spring. in sacramento, nannette miranda, abc 7 news. as you have heard probably,
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sea ice is disappearing at a faster clip from a broad swath of 9 arc particular. ice lost in the arc particular was the worst between 2003 and 2012 and it was particularly bad during the autumn months declining by 36%. ice loss only dropped 9% during the winter. scientists say the arctic is getting smaller and less thick making the ice more vulnerable to few you tour declines too. on the subject of ice loss watch what happens in argentina. >> oh! >> you can hear people applauding. a vacationer captured this breathtaking moment when an enormous ice bridge ruptured and plunged into a lake. this is argentinia padegonia region. the man happened to be taking a picture of the bridge when this collapsed. such a spectacle with occur every couple of years or so.
9:20 pm
really remarkable. the tourists got their money's worth. >> amazing video. spencer christian here with way into next week but at least definition east bay 5* 1 across the bay in oakland. these are the forecast features. sunny and mild conditions tomorrow through saturday. then the cooling begins on sunday and showers are likely on tuesday and wednesday. our old miliar winter weather
9:21 pm
pattern will come back finally. satellite image shows high pressure. huge ridge of it. the dominant feature in the weather for the next several days. the dry pattern will hold actually through next monday and the mild portion of the pattern will hold into the weekend. forecast animation begins at 11:00 tonight. fog beginning to push across the bay and locally inland. we will have several areas of patchy fog during the overnight and early morning hours. visibility reduced in some spots for the early morning commute. bear that in mind if you are morning commuter and drive carefully. overnight lows drop to the mid 30s in the north bay valleys and santa rosa and napa. inland east bay lows noter 30s. chilly in the interior valleys. not quite to chilly along the bay shoreline and coast where lows drop only into the 40s. tomorrow another sunny day with high temperatures rising once again into the upper 60s this time in the south bay. 68 in san jose. and cupertino.
9:22 pm
70 los gatos and the peninsula. 68 mountaineer view. 60s on the coast and pacifica and half moon bay. 62 in the sunset district. 69 santa rosa. 68 napa. near east bay highs. 68 oakland, castro valley and union city. the inland east bay also upper 60s. 68 fairfield, concord and walnut creek. and near monterey bay, 69 santa cruz. 70 watsonville. 71 at salinas. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. mild pattern. spring like pattern continues through saturday. and high temperatures into the upper 60s to around 70. even mid 60s on the coast and friday we start to cool down a bit on sunday and a bit more into early next week. monday by the way is president's day. ratu clouds in the sky but otherwise lovely day. tuesday and wednesday a little wet as we expect rain or rain showers both days. >> not bad, though. >> not bad at all.
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>> thanks very much. just ahead here on abc 7 news at 9:00. a road trip for hackers. find out what they hope to accomplish on a long bus ride to texas. quite the adventure they are on. the marin county softball team that is going to make history tomorrow. you will find out where they are going. it is a really remarkable opportunity for them. we will have more on mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪
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san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all of the bay area this is abc 7 news. it could be the road trip of a lifetime for are a handful of bay area hackers designers and sales people. the young entrepreneurs will spend three sleepless nights on a bus trying to start a business as the wheels go round and round. abc 7 news reporter jonathan
9:27 pm
blum climbs onboard. ♪ i want to be on the bus so freaken bad ♪ is bus whose seats is so could vetted it inspired geeks to become rappers ♪ >> a bus where are a select group of hackers artists and mbas come up with wild ideas and turn them into real products. a bus that leaves san francisco on march 3 bound for south by southwest in austin where potential investors are waiting. along the way, almost nobody ps. >> it is a very intense experience and that is on purpose. >> the conductor of the startup bus. it began in san francisco three years guy and now spread to ten other cities as the way to get to south by southwest. >> wouldn't it just be easier to hop on an airplane? >> yeah. i think it would be a lot easier to hop on an airplane but it wouldn't be half as much
9:28 pm
fun. >> reporter: within two hours after boarding the entrepreneurs form teams and get to work. they stop along the way to hear from ex-he perts and do market research. they are on a tight clock. >> four days. market your new startup. >> that was last year when the team produced serialize which won the grand prize. >> a full fledged propoe type to select the ingredients you wanted in your serial and see it in the cereal bowl. >> it is one of a proking number of hack-a-thons happening in unusual venues. how about designing a product on the open water? >> a hack athon on a yacht. >> unreasonable at sea and the startup bus exist for one reason. >> there is a talent shortage in silicon valley so we have to come up with fun crazy ideas to get programmers wanting to get involved with hack athons and begins with a bus and ends with a yacht. >> they are half full and
9:29 pm
taking applications. jonathan blum, abc 7 news. >> road trip. abc 7 news at 9:00 continues tonight. when we come back, the silicon valley companies that have avoided paying billions in taxes. how they are getting away with that. attorneys for barry bonds return to court hoping that three judges will do what the trial judge did not. and why o.j. simpson is considered a god father.
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makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. the fairfield man accused of the rape and murder of a 13-year-old girl made his first court appearance today and today we learnd that anthony lamar jones could get the death penalty will convicted of killing janelle con way allen. more from laura anthony.
9:33 pm
>> reporter: dressed in a black and white jail jump suit, 32-year-old anthony lamar jones said just a few words as he made his first appearance in the courtroom. he is charged with the kidnap rape and murder of 13-year-old janelle con way allen a 7th grader whose nude body was found in a fairfield park. eric may is the homeless man who found the girl's lifeless body on the morning of february 1. he sat in the front row of the courtroom. >> why did you want to be there? >> mostly for the family and her friends. i think i owe it to them to be there. >> jones who worked at a local barber shop did not enter a plea to charges that could bring him the death penalty. murder with three special circumstances. kidnapping, rape and a lewd act upon a child under the age of 14. jones was arrested near his mother's apartment last friday. the last known photo of janelle
9:34 pm
was taken from a store is surveillance camera across the street. jones mother and sisters attended the hearing but did not make any comments when approached by reporters on the way out of the courthouse. anthony jones at this point is only accused of the murder. he remains here at the jail held without bail. he will be back in court here next week. in fairfield, laura anthony, abc 7 news. i want to show you how a police pursuit ended early today in the east bay. >> ow, resisting. >> a man and two women were arrested and charged a auto theft. the chase began in antioch where they drove right past a police officer who remembered the car had been reported stole and couple of hours earlier. the officer tried to pull them over on highway 4 but the driver is sped off and crashed on the harbor street exit in pittsburgh around 4 am,. you pay your taxes on your income so why aren't some of the bay area largest corporations doing the same
9:35 pm
thing, this our media partners at the center for investigative reporting have been pouring over records from the nation's biggest tech firms. they report that companies have billions in everyseas accounts and that it is all perfectly legal. >> google. apple. e-bay. yahoo. cisco. they are some of the biggest names in silicon valley but among the companies who have avoided paying billions of dollars in federal and state taxes. matt is a reporter for the center for investigative reporting. he poured over documents submitted to the securities and exchange commission by the 50 largest tech companies in silicon valley. >> looking at the 50 biggest and in fact almost all are doing the same thing. >> 47 reported having assets overseas that were permanently reinvested. it allows them to legally avoid reporting the money as taxable
9:36 pm
u.s. income. >> a lot of the money that they sea is overseas is not. a lot of times they choose u.s. investments such as u.s. treasury bonds and things like that. >> some of the ways companies defer payments of federal and state taxes. five companies accounted for more than two thirds of the $225 billion in accumulated foreign earnings last year. ave view of the last three years of financial records by the center for investigative report silicon valley companies are paying lower global tax rates. apple $40.4 billion in holdings overseas. tax rate of 12.6%. ebay $10 billion overseas. google $24.8 billion reported with a 17.6% tax rate. yahoo $3.2 billion overseas paying just 17.9% and cisco which reported $41.3 billion
9:37 pm
overseas and had an effective tax rate of 20.9%. most declined to comment on the offshore holdings or the amount of taxes that they paid. those that did say they are following the dow. economists estimate the federal government loses $90 billion in tax revenue a year. enough to fund california public schools and universities for more than two years. or cover 206 days of military operations in both afghanistan and iraq. this isn't the first time multinational companies have been the target of criticism for sheltering money overseas. >> the bottom line of our investigation is that some multinationals use our current tax system to engage in gimmicks to avoid paying the taxes that they owe. >> congress held hearings in september and looked at how silicon valley companies have become so efficient at avoiding taxes by transferring money among foreign subsidiaries. hewlett pack card and microsoft testified they are among the companies operating legally. >> they are properly legal tax
9:38 pm
avoidance. >> senator tom coburn says congress is to blame and it created a patch work of tax laws that allow corporations to reinvest overseas. >> so they spend a lot of money with accountants and auditing firms to take advantage of every loophole that we have created. >> and they will continue to do so. there have been no changes in the law so far. in fact, many of the silicon valley biggest firms benefit from a two year extension of a tax provision included in the fiscal cliff deal that was reached in january. a move that will cost the government more than $1.5 billion. who has paid what? check out the center for investigative reporting findings at under see it on tv. a new number one in the airline industry. sources tell the associated press late today that the boards of both american airlines and u.s. airways have now agreed to a merger forming what will be the nation's biggest airline. details remain private but a form at announcement is
9:39 pm
expected tomorrow. it will fly apparently under the american airlines name. a new report reaffirms claims that chevron knew for years of a problem with the co-roaded pipe that caused the massive fire at the richmond refinery last august. this report says inspectors warned chevron about the damaged pipe in 2002 but it was never replaced. chevron faces a million dollars fine for the incident that caused eye and respiratory problems for thousands of east bay residents. chevron issued a statement saying it disagrees with some of the characteristickizations in the report. the results of its final internal investigation are expected soon. barry bonds ob truck of justice case was back in court today. attorneys are asking a federal appeals panel to throw out the felony conviction against him. news reporter caroline tyler has the story. >> barry bonds was not in the courtroom today as his attorney appeared before a three judge panel of the 9th circuit
9:40 pm
court of appeals arguing that the felony conviction for obstructing justice should be overturned. the 48-year-old bonds was convicted back in 2011 for testimony he gave before a grand jury investigating the use of performance enhancing drugs. the jury decided the slugger's rambling answer to the question of whether he used steroids was evasive. his attorney told the judges those remarks were never part of the indictment. and therefore the conviction should be tossed. and he also argues that bonds did eventually answer the question. but federal prosecutor mary jean chan maintains the answers were false and bond's denials amount to obstruction. the judges took the case under submission. there is no deadline on when they must rule. at the 9th circuit court of appeals in san francisco, caroline tyler, abc 7 news. well, o.j. simpson may not be free to go to football games in person any more but that did not stop him from watching the
9:41 pm
sport's biggest event on television. simpson is serving 233 years for -- 33 years for kidnapping and armed robbery in nevada. he bought a tv at the inmate store and a dozen inmates gathered to watch the bowl. he is 65 and will be eligible for parole in 2017. the pentagon's new medal. coming up here in addition to honoring soldiers on the frontline the military may now reward troops away from the battlefront. new details on the significant celebration planned for themíá-
9:42 pm
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the pentagon is creating a new medal. the distinguished warfare medal will be awarded to individuals for extra ordinary achievement related to a military operation. it does not require the recipient to risk his or her life. the medal would primarily go to service members who launch drone strikes or syne he attacks that can kill or disable an enemy. it is a recognition of the evolving 21st century war technique where troops fight wars from video screens or computers these days. a group is getting ready to board a plane tonight for a historic trip to cuba. they belong to the baseball and softball teams. other american students have gone to the island country before but it is believed they are the first high school team in the nation to go to cuba to play against student there's. besides carrying their own gear they will also take sports equipment to donate to cuban youth.
9:46 pm
>> we have several dozen bats. we also have i believe about 75 gloves, softball and baseball helmets, cleats. >> i hope to learn how they play the game. i'm sure it is different than the way we do. >> each team will play a three game is series against cuban teenagers and visit mao see he cultural sites and events in between the game. a two day party celebrating the bay bridge opening this memorial day is expected to be approved. an mtcee gave the thumbs up to a $5.5 million celebration that would include a bike race, a foot race, a concert, fireworks show and a public walk. the spokesperson for the committee say there's is a lot of support for a big celebration. >> the plan is pretty standard fair. what is unique is we have a unique structure on the bay. this is not that much different than any other bridge opening not just in the bay area but
9:47 pm
around the country and around the world. >> the five day shutdown is planned starting wednesday, august 28 and running through labor day. the first three and a half days used to hook up the new eastern pan spann to the old bridge. the rest of the closure for the celebration. the full commission is expected to approve the big bridge party later this month. all right. coming up next on abc 7 news at 9:00, lovebirds at the california academy of sciences. how the valentines will help the pengui
9:48 pm
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but only through presidents' day at sleep train. nice outside but for how long. spencer christian is back with the accuweather forecast. >> a few more days. live doppler 7hd. low clouds offshore and some along the coastline. skies mainly clear at the moment. statewide tomorrow lots of
9:51 pm
sunshine. mild weather. high temperatures up around 70 at chico and sacramento. upper 70s in southern california and here in the bay area we will have some fog overnight pushing locally inland across the bay but by midday tomorrow bright sunny skies and mild conditions, once again. high temperatures generally in the upper 60s. around the bay shoreline tomorrow and our inland locations. we will see mid is 60s on the coast and up to 70 up north at clover dale and clear lake. the accuweather is seven-day forecast. friday a mild day as well. even a little milder. high temperatures around 70 in several locations. mid is 60s on the coast. start to cool down a little bit on sunday. further cooling on monday and tuesday and wednesday the clouds thicken and showers will fall. we'll have rainfall coming back midweek next week. >> excellent. thanks, spencer very much. there is a lot of love going on at the penguin colony at the california academy of sciences. african penguins lined up to get books on one of the heart
9:52 pm
shaped valentines. african penguin males are in charge of building the love shacks and usually make them from leaves and sticks but the thick cloth hearts are a big hit. penguins rushed to put them in the burros hoping to get love back frommer that mates. >> hey, look what i did. i built this just for you. >> don't we all? [ laughter ] >> all right. meanwhile, a sumatran tiger has given birth at the zoo. they won't know the sex for a few weeks but for now junior cub or baby. very cute. mike shumann is here. >> a little baseball. >> spring training. pitchers and catchers for the first time as they get ready for a
9:53 pm
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campbell and the bay area this is abc 7 news. we are getting close now and remember abc 7 is the only place to watch the oscars on february 24th. you can start getting ready with the official oscars an. the my pics feature has details on the nominees and will help you keep track of favorites. the an is available for i^ phone, i^ pad, android and the kindle fire. coming up at 11:00, a warning to residents in the east bay where they have left one neighborhood in the dark and how people in the area are dealing with that and what some say is a dangerous situation. the heart breaking stories of women looking for love online only to become victims of a ripoff. michael finney will be here on how to tell when you are getting conned. those stories and more coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. joan us for that. mike shumann is here. hard to believe we are talking baseball. >> spring training for the defending champions has begun as they look to make a run at
9:57 pm
back-to-back world series titles. pitchers and catch taking the field in it scottsdale for the first time under sunny skies. temperature lincecum on display, the longhair a thing of the past. he and buster posey look friendly here to me. they both want to develop a chemistry as early as possible this season. the first spring training game is a week away from saturday against the angels. as the g men green for another run at a world series, nine players from the roster believe leaving to play in the world baseball classic march 2 through march 19. 16 teams, 39 games. 7 venues and four nations and territories with the semis and finals played at at&t park march 17-19. those participating, of course, are excited. >> the giants manager is for showing off the sport of baseball around the world but has to be a bit concerned about injuries with a third of his roster participating. >> you always have the
9:58 pm
possibility of injury even if they didn't go, they could get injured in the spring. i mean that goes with the territory. we will keep a watchful eye on them and make sure that they are ready before they go and they are not overworked. >> the giants pitchers ryan vogelsong and jeremy apfelt say this may be the last time to play for their country. >> it is a dream to play for team usa. it is up there with winning the world series and being an all-star and big leaguer alling. >> it is really a concern for pitchers as they don't want to though their arms out before the giants season begins. >> for me if anything prepare to be a little bit more competitive. your adrenaline is going to kick in so you have to be in shapape enough to whe you arm can handle the adrenaline and be ready to throw at that kind of competitiveness. >> the semis and finals at at&t park showcasing giants fans among others.
9:59 pm
>> i think it will be a different atmosphere, though. instead of being a sea of orange and black all the time you will see more of a world cup of soccer atmosphere here with people wearing different countries in the stadium. their uniforms and hats and flags. it is going to be cool. >> team usa is in pool t with mexico, canada and italy.. they open on march 8 at chase field in phoenix. our spring training coverage begins this weekend as i will be with the giants on saturday. for those looking forward to the beginning of the mls season a soccer fix. real ma friday and manchester u squaring off today. danny well,beck. cristiano rinaldo answers with one of his own. equalizer. a-1 tie. a golden opportunity to go in front in the 72nd minute. clears


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